Montgomery, IL

The Village Administrator oversees, coordinates and provides leadership for the professional day-to-day administration of all Village departments.

Community Development
The Community Development Department is responsible for providing efficient, smart, sustainable and timely planning of Montgomery’s existing, ongoing and future development.

The Finance Department is responsible for billing, accounting, budgeting and all other financial operations of the Village.

The Montgomery Police Department provides protection and policing services to over 18,000 residents and businesses within the Village limits. Our primary role is to prevent crime and enforce laws against those who fail to follow them.

Public Works
The Village of Montgomery Public Works Department staff is responsible for maintaining all infrastructure improvements within the Village, including streets, sidewalks, water collection and distribution pipes, storm and sanitary sewer lines, drinking water wells and pumping equipment, village-owned property and buildings, right-of-way utility permits, street lighting, traffic signals and signs and water treatment facilities.

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