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Posted on: January 16, 2017

MetroNet Fiber Optic Network Comes to Montgomery

MetroNet, provider of fiber optic Internet, TV, and Phone, began constructing their fiber optic network in Montgomery in early December. Initially they are installing fiber on the west side of Montgomery and then will do the east side. 

During construction, workers will need to come onto the designated utility easement located on your property. This is the same easement used by ComEd, Comcast and other utility companies. The utility easement location can be found on your plat of survey for your property.

MetroNet’s construction phase is temporary and the company will do their best to minimize its impact. To learn more about MetroNet’s construction process or to submit questions, please visit or call 1-877-386-3876.

If you have contacted MetroNet directly about an issue and they have failed to respond or resolve your issue, please email the Public Works Department at with a description of your experience and any pictures you have to support the issue.  Public Works, as the project liaison from the Village, will follow up with the contractors and MetroNet to further achieve resolution.

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