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Electrical Aggregation Program

Under Montgomery's municipal electrical aggregation program, the Village of Montgomery went out to bid in June 2017 and has selected Dynegy as the energy supplier through October 2018 at a rate of 6.896¢ per kWh which was slightly less than ComEd's rate at the time.  Information on the 2017 aggregation program was mailed out to all residents in June 2017 by Dynegy.  All residents are moved to this program unless they opt out and select a different electrical supplier.

ComEd will continue to provide the infrastructure to bring the electricity to all homes and will continue to send a consolidated bill. If you choose to use Dynegy, you will still receive a bill from ComEd, but Dynegywill be listed as the electricity supplier on the ComEd bill. You will not receive a separate bill from Dynegy.

The phone number for Dynegy is 844-351-7691.

Other Options:

The Village’s aggregation program has no early termination fee, so any resident wanting to move to ComEd or any other supplier may do so with no penalty by calling the Village’s current supplier, Dynegy, at 1-844-351-7691. (Neither the Village nor ComEd can switch your account, only Dynegy can.) You will need to have your ComEd account number on hand when you call.

Residents can find alternative priced rates from other suppliers and additional information regarding municipal aggregation at the State of Illinois’ website:  Any resident desiring to move to ComEd or any other supplier should contact Dynegy at 1-844-351-7691. Please remember to have your account number available when you place the call.  Residents can later rejoin the aggregation program at the same rate should they choose to leave. Please note the only prohibition to switching is residents are not allowed to move back to the supplier from which they left for 6 months. 

Residents with additional questions can call our electricity consultant, NIMEC, at 1-800-727-3820.