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Solicitor Permits
Information for Solicitors

The Village of Montgomery requires Solicitors to be licensed prior to any door-to-door solicitation within Village limits.  Solicitors must submit a notarized application with a $30 fee.  After a background check is performed, they will be notified if their application is approved, and if so a license will be issued that is good for 30 days.  Solicitors must display this license at all times while soliciting.

This permission may be revoked upon violation of any Village ordinance, State law or regulation.  Hours of solicitation are limited to 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Canvassing or soliciting on state and national holidays is prohibited.

Solicitors may not knock on doors displaying "NO SOLICITING" sign.  If unlicensed solicitors come to your door or if they ignore a posted No Soliciting sign, please contact police dispatch at 630-553-0554 to report this.

Information for Residents

Montgomery Officials remind residents to exercise caution when interacting with door-to-door salesmen.

The Village of Montgomery encourages the public to ask anyone who comes to your home selling anything to present their Village of Montgomery Solicitor’s License. This license is required by the Village for any person or business that plans to solicit to residential areas.

If anyone comes to your place of residence selling products or services and cannot provide a valid license, please contact the Montgomery Police Department at (630) 553-0554.

Residents who do not welcome solicitors at their home may post a "NO SOLICITING" sign. 

Also, during construction season, residents should be aware that any contractor they choose to do business with in the Village of Montgomery must have a Village Contractor’s License, so check to make sure your contractor is reputable and also licensed.  Questions about Contractor Licenses can be directed to 630-896-8080 ext. 9023.

Below is a list of companies that have a permit to solicit in Montgomery:

Weedman                           Permit expires 4/20/2019
Blue Raven Solar                 Permit expires 4/20/2019
Power Home Remodeling      Permit expires 4/24/2019
Inspire Energy                     Permit expires 4/24/2019
Edward Jones                      Permit expires 4/28/2019
Midwestern Adjusters           Permit Expires 4/28/2019
Weedman                           Permit expires 4/28/2019
Direct Energy                      Permit expires 4/28/2019
Constellation Energy            Permit expires 5/3/2019
Inspire Energy                    Permit expires 5/3/2019
TruGreen                            Permit expires 5/11/2019
Army Star Restorations        Permit expires 5/16/2019
Vivant Solar                        Permit expires 5/16/2019
Constellation Energy            Permit expires 5/16/2019
Midwestern Adjusters          Permit expire 5/16/2019

As always, if unlicensed solicitors come to your door or if they ignore a posted No Soliciting sign, please contact police dispatch at 630-553-0554 to report this or any other issues with solicitors.