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Refuse & Recycling
Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste) provides all trash and recycling collection services in the Village through the end of July 2017.  Collection days and routes are shown on the attached route map.  All waste materials must be placed curbside (not in the street) by 6:00 a.m. the morning of pick-up.  Per Village ordinance, trash and recycling can be placed curbside no earlier than 4:00 p.m. the day prior to pick-up and all empty containers must be removed by 7:00 p.m. the day of pick-up. 

Garbage collection complaints and questions should be directed to Republic Services’ customer service department at (630) 892-9294 or by visiting their website.

Residents are allowed: 
  • two (2) 33-gallon cans or 40-gallon plastic bags of refuse, not to exceed 50 lbs. each, plus one Large Item (furniture-type item able to be loaded by one person)
  • unlimited recyclable waste; items should be placed in the appropriate recyclable container and do not need to be sorted
  • one (1) 30-gallon paper yard waste OR one (1) bundle of brush (not to exceed 50 lbs.), April through November (additional bags and/or bundles of brush require stickers).  Brush must be securely tied in a bundle and cannot exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. 

Fees for this service appear on your bi-monthly water bill. These fees will remain the same until the end of our contract, July 31, 2017.  

One Large Item (such as furniture, mattresses, etc.) may be disposed of each week without a sticker.  However, Bulk Items (household appliances and other items too large to be collected by one person) will require the purchase of a sticker; the cost for stickers is $2.90 each.   

Stickers can be purchased at the Village Hall, the Walgreens on Orchard Rd., La Chiquita on Douglas Rd., and two Jewel stores (Rt. 30 & Douglas and also Orchard Rd. in Oswego).

Effective January 1, 2012, by State law electronic waste can no longer be collected curbside.  Items will need to be dropped off at electronic recycling events.  For your convenience, Montgomery offers a recycling event on the third Saturday of each month; however, Montgomery residents are welcome to visit any of the recycling locations listed.  Kane County has a webpage full of valuable information on how and/or where to recycle electronics and many additional types of items.  You may also want to consider Freecycling, which is the greenest option of all, as it allows items to be reused locally rather than being discarded or recycled.

Special services are available for seniors and residents with disabilities.  Please contact the Water Billing Clerk at the Village Hall at (630) 896-1357 for additional details.

DC Trash Collection Services begin August 1, 2017

The Village Board has approved a new refuse contract with DC Trash that will begin August 1st.

Under the new contract, DC Trash will pick up unlimited trash and recycling each week. Unlimited tied bundles of brush and bags of yard waste can be disposed of each week from April 1st through the end of November. There is no need for stickers ever!

The new monthly rate will be $16.47 per household, compared to the current $19.65 per household.

This applies only to the residential address in the Village of Montgomery, not Boulder Hill or other unincorporated areas. To view the map showing your area's pick-up day, click on this map link.

The last week of July, DC Trash will deliver a 95 gallon trash cart and 65 gallon recycling cart to each home. To report a missed pick-up or to request a different size cart, please call DC Trash Direct at 815-758-7274, or email  .

Old trash cans that belong to you may be used for a different purpose or disposed of. 

Trash or recycle containers that came from Republic Services will be collected on your final regularly scheduled pick-up day in July.  When you put your containers out on your final garbage day in July, any containers belonging to Republic Services, leave them out, they will be emptied and collected. You will begin using your new carts the first week in August.

Cart sizes are 95 gallon, 65 gallon and 35 gallon. If you did not call by July 7, 2017, by default you will get a 95 gallon trash cart and a 65 gallon recycling cart. 

Here are the measurements:

35 gallon--18" wide, 24" deep, 36" high
65 gallon--24" wide, 28" deep, 42" high
95 gallon--27" wide, 35" deep, 45" high

3 sizes of wheeled carts

Refuse and Recycling Subarea Maps


Blackberry Crossing
Blackberry Crossing West (Single-Family)
Lakewood Creek South of the ComEd Right-of-Way
Summerwind Drive and Hillsboro Lane in Montgomery Crossings

Fairfield Way

Blackberry Crossing West (Townhouses)
Lakewood Creek West (North of ComEd Right-of-Way)
Lakewood Creek Duplexes

Lincoln Avenue Area

Marviray Manor
Parkview Estates

Arbor Ridge 
Harmony Drive and Wellman Avenue
Sherman Avenue

Marquis Pointe

Seasons Ridge
Old Town East


Downtown/Old Town

Lakewood Creek (Single-Family)

Orchard Prairie North 
Saratoga Springs