Subdivision Status

Many Village residents live in Montgomery's newest neighborhoods. As these are being built, it is the responsibility of the developer to manage and maintain the common and public infrastructure. For example snow removal, street repairs, maintenance of stormwater basins (ponds), replacement and maintenance of landscaping (on public or common property such as right-of-ways and entry areas) and any and all other components of the development that are not private property (owned by a home owner) are the developer's responsibility.

Once the development is completed to a certain level and satisfies the Village's standards and requirements, the Village will formally "accept" the public improvements in the development. At the time of acceptance, all items identified above that the developer was required to install and maintain become the responsibility of the Village; and the securities held by the Village to guarantee the implementation of the improvements are reduced and/or returned to the developer. A subdivision may be accepted by the Village even if there are still home lots to be built on.

The Village's engineering and landscape architect consultants complete a "punch list" (a list that identifies items that need to be fixed before acceptance) in the field and the developer must restore all items before the Village will formally accept the development.

The following subdivisions and/or public improvements have not been accepted by the Village: 

Balmorea (Stormwater Basin in Unit 1)
Huntington Chase
Marquis Pointe

If you have questions about whether your subdivision has been accepted or not please contact the Community Development Staff

If your subdivision is not listed it means the Village has already accepted it and is maintaining it; please contact the Village's Public Works Departmentby submitting an online requestor call 630-896-9241.