Brush Pick-Up

The Village of Montgomery's free brush collection service is offered to residents twice each year in the spring and in the fall, specifically during the first full week of May and the first week of October. Once the crew has gone through your area, unfortunately they will not be able to return.

2021 Brush Collection Cycles: 

Beginning Monday, May 3rd and Monday, October 4th.

To help ensure that we can continue to efficiently and effectively provide this service to Montgomery residents, the following rules have been established:

  • Brush must be stacked neatly in the parkway by the Sunday evening prior to the scheduled pick-up week. Crews will begin Monday morning and will make only one pass through each neighborhood. Brush placed after Village crews have passed will not be collected.
  • Brush should be neatly piled in one direction, unbundled, with the larger trunk portions or cut ends facing the street. Brush piles should not be taller than three feet high and should not obstruct the sidewalk.
  • For safety reasons, branches must be no smaller than 1 inch—but no larger than 4 inches—in diameter and no shorter than 3 feet in length. Public works crews will not pick up piles that include bushes with roots and dirt attached, grape or other vines, lumber, plywood or construction materials (including but not limited to metal objects, concrete/stone chunks, etc.). Piles that are not neatly stacked or contain any of these items will not be picked up. 
  • Twigs, leaves and smaller yard debris need to be placed in yard waste bags for removal by the Village's regular garbage hauling service, DC Trash of Illinois.
  • The Brush Removal Program is not intended to handle branches, logs or tree stumps as a result of large scale tree trimming or removal.
  • This service is provided to residential properties only. Public works crews will not remove brush from commercial, industrial or other non-residential properties.
  • If your brush pile is not picked up, a tag will be left behind explaining the reason it wasn't collected.
  • Brush must be placed on the parkway in front of the property from which it originates (Village of Montgomery Code, Section 9-45). Brush piled in the right of way behind your address, or brush not originating from the address that it is placed in front of, will not be collected. Brush may be placed in the parkway for removal up to one week before the scheduled pick-up dates.

Keep in mind that DC Trash of Illinois will collect bundled brush every week on your regularly scheduled collection day between April 1st and November 30th of each year. Bundles must be tied with jute twine (not wire), they should not exceed 2' wide by 2' high, and cannot exceed 4' in length. Each bundle must not exceed 50 pounds. Residents can put out an unlimited number of yard waste bags and properly bundled brush piles each week for no additional charge.