Meet the Village Board

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Matthew Brolley Village President

Matthew Brolley

Pete Heinz Trustee

Pete Heinz

Denny Lee Trustee

Denny Lee

Stan Bond Trustee

Stan Bond

Penny FitzPatrick Village Clerk

Penny FitzPatrick

Theresa Sperling Trustee

Theresa Sperling

Steve Jungermann Trustee

Steve Jungermann

Doug Marecek Trustee

Doug Marecek

The Village Board for Montgomery consists of seven members (six Village Board members and the Village President) elected at-large by the residents of Montgomery. The Village Board is responsible for enacting legislation, establishing policies, and providing guidance and direction for actions that impact the quality of life in the Village.


The regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held at the Village Hall on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. The Village President presides at all meetings, but does not vote on any actions except in cases provided by State law.

All meetings are open to the general public. Any person wishing to address the Board at a Board meeting must email Village Hall or call at (630) 896-8080 by noon on Tuesday prior to the meeting to provide their name, address, and the topic they wish to address in order to be included on the agenda for that meeting. A public comment opportunity is also provided at the beginning of each meeting, during which any member of the public may address the Board for up to two minutes.

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Contact information for the Village President and Trustees can be obtained by clicking the links above. If you have questions, please email Administration.