The Village Board has approved a new refuse contract with DC Trash effective August 1, 2017. 

Under the new contract, DC Trash will pick up unlimited trash and recycling each week. Unlimited tied bundles of brush and bags of yard waste can be disposed of each week from April 1st through the end of November. There is no need for stickers ever! 

Weekly pickup also includes one bulk item (furniture such as sofa, mattress, etc. or up to 8 rolls of carpeting or padding that has been cut into rolls no larger than 4 feet long and each bundle is not to exceed 50 lbs. in weight).  One White Good may be disposed of each week also; these are items such as fridges or AC units.  Due to this expanded service, there will be no need for a spring or fall cleanup week.  Please refer to the recycling page for info on what is recyclable and what is not.