Resolutions 2010 - Present

 Resolution No.TopicDate
2018-019Calling the Letter of Credit for Verizon10-22-18
2018-018Declare Default of Letter of Credit for Verizon10-22-18
2018-017Authorize $160K for Village's Share of Construction Costs for Aucutt Road LAFO10-8-18
2018-016Use MFT Funds to Repair Salt Shed Roof9-24-18
2018-015Authorizing Speedway Recapture Agreement9-24-18
2018-014Authorizing Execution of MOU for CMAP LTA Grant8-27-18
2018-013Stationary Food vendor at Menards Taco Grill & Salsa Bar7-9-18
2018-012Greenest Region Compact Update6-25-18
2018-011Forgivable Loan for 109 N Main6-25-18
2018-010Stationary Food Vendor Time to Drive Auto 603 Montgomery Road5-29-18
2018-009Approving CMAP Local Technical Assistance Agreement4-23-18
2018-008Authorizing Signature of Kendall Area Transit Agreement4-9-18
2018-007Approving Purchasing Card Policy3-12-18
2018-006Approving Purchasing Policy3-12-18
2018-005Authorizing Execution of Agreement with the ICC for Light Road (Stipulated Agreement 1640)2-26-18
2018-004Debt Management Policy2-12-18
2018-003Investment Policy2-12-18
2018-002Financial Policies2-12-18
2018-001Sexual Harassment Policy1-8-18
2017-014AV Upgrade12-11-17
2017-013Supporting Bicentennial Celebrations11-27-17
2017-012Approve a Preliminary Plan for a Special Use for a PUD for Montgomery Place Apartments11-27-17
2017-011Approve Salt Purchase and Weather Forecasting Service from MFT Funds11-13-17
2017-010 (PDF)Accept Membership in Northern Illinois Health Insurance Initiative - Intergovernmental Personnel Benefit Cooperative9-11-17
2017-009 (PDF)New Residential Construction Fee Rebate9-11-17
2017-008 (PDF)Establishing Montgomery Development Fund Committee9-11-17
2017-007 (PDF)Dissolving Revolving Loan Fund Committee9-11-17
2017-006 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Intergovernmental Agreement between Montgomery Police Department and School District 308 for Reciprocal Reporting8-28-17
2017-005 (PDF)Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund for Elected Officials7-24-17
2017-004 (PDF)Release of Deed Restriction with Fox Valley Park District6-26-17
2017-003 (PDF)Orchard Road TIF District Rebate Process5-22-17
2017-002 (PDF)Intent to Reimburse Capital Expenditures from Proceeds of Future Debt (for Water Main Service Line and Lift Station Replacements)2-27-17
2017-001 (PDF)2017 MFT Funds2-27-17
2016-017 (PDF)Acceptance of Montgomery Business Center Unit 1 and Aucutt Road Improvements12-12-16
2016-016 (PDF)Authorization for Repair Work in IDOT Right of Way11-28-16
2016-015 (PDF)Authorization of Intergovernmental Agreement with Village of Oswego and City of Yorkville for Sharing Certain Publics Works Services11-14-16
2016-014 (PDF)Authorization of Stationary Food Vendor Permit for Primos Tacos at 602 Montgomery Road11-14-16
2016-013 (PDF)Amendment to Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy11-28-16
2016-012 (PDF)Authorization to Join Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN)9/26/2016
2016-011 (PDF)Old Dominion Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-010 (PDF)CenterPoint Properties Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-009 (PDF)Nexeo Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-008 (PDF)American Crystal Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-007 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Agreement with ICC for Light Road7/25/2016
2016-006 (PDF)Intent of Capital Expenditures to be Reimbursed from Gen. Obligation Debt Certificates8/8/2016
2016-005 (PDF)Authorizing Projects as TIF Eligible8/8/2016
2016-004 (PDF)Stationary Food Vendor Pigs-N-Heat BBQ6/27/2016
2016-003 (PDF)MFT Purchases6/13/2016
2016-002 (PDF)Authorizing Application for Kane County Riverboat Grant2/22/2016
2016-001 (PDF)Approving a Recreational Lease Agreement with ComEd2/8/2016
2015-012 (PDF)Authorizing Village's Share of Cost for Briarcliff Road LAFO Project12/14/2015
2015-011 (PDF)Accepting 2 Parcels on Route 30 from Kane County10/26/2015
2015-010 (PDF)CMAP Shared Services Study8/24/2016
2015-009 (PDF)ICC Agreement for Additional Time and Funds7/27/2015
2015-008 (PDF)Concord Drive FAFOSTP Application6/22/2015
2015-007 (PDF)Auth Work in IDOT ROW6/22/2015
2015-006 (PDF)Riverboat Grant Resolution6/22/2015
2015-005 (PDF)NIMEC - Municipal Electrical Aggregation5/11/2015
2015-004 (PDF)MFT Program5/11/2015
2015-003 (PDF)Supplemental Resolution for 2014 MFT and Salt Purchase3/24/2015
2015-002 (PDF)Land Transfer of Oswego Fire Protection District Training Facility3/9/2015
2015-001 (PDF)Support of Local Government Distributive Fund3/9/2015
2014-019 (PDF)Approve Village Share of Route 30 Construction12/16/2014
2014-018 (PDF)Calling Letter of Credit for Marquis Point11/24/2014
2014-017 (PDF)Authorizing Use of MFT Funds for Mill Street Assessments11/10/2014
2014-016 (PDF)Authorizing PMA Investments10/13/2014
2014-015 (PDF)Supporting the Widening of Route 30 from Route 31 to Route 478/25/2014
2014-014 (PDF)Authorizing Use of MFT Funds for Village of Montgomery's $70,000 Contribution to the Phase I Study of Montgomery Road8/25/2014
2014-013 (PDF)Petitioning for Additional Funds and Extension of Deadline for Light Road7/28/2014
2014-012 (PDF)Authorizing Creation of New Stationary Food Vendor License @ Aurora Transmission7/28/2014
2014-011 (PDF)Approving 2014 Street Maintenance Program and Salt Purchase6/23/2014
2014-010 (PDF)Approving Sales Tax Referendum5/22/2014
2014-009 (PDF)Approving the CMAP Grant for LTA4/28/2014
2014-008 (PDF)Rebating Fees for New Residential Construction4/28/2014
2014-007 (PDF)Mutual Aid Agreement for Law Enforcement5/12/2014
2014-006 (PDF)Approving River Boar Grant Application for Reprinting History Books4/14/2014
2014-005 (PDF)Supplemental MFT Funds for Salt3/24/2014
2014-004 (PDF)Non Boulder Hill water fee credit2/10/2014
2014-003 (PDF)Approve MFT funds for cost share with IDOT for Route 31 & Watkins Project1/27/2014
2014-002 (PDF)Authorizing Purchase of Electricity1/27/2014
2014-001 (PDF)Orchard Road TIF District Rebates1/13/2014
2013-029 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Petition to ICC for Extention for Light Road11/12/2013
2013-028Not Used
2013-027 (PDF)Restated Declaration of Trust of Illinois Trust (IIIT)11/12/2013
2013-026 (PDF)Approving and authorizing execution of 2nd Amended and Restated Declaration of Trust for IMET11/12/2013
2013-025 (PDF)Appointing Authorized IMRF agent11/12/2013
2013-024 (PDF)Adopting 1,000 Hour standard for IMRF Participation11/12/2013
2013-023 (PDF)Tank Car Safety11/12/2013
2013-022 (PDF)Accepting Easement near Parker Court11/12/2013
2013-021 (PDF)Designating Account Signatories10/14/2013
2013-020 (PDF)Terminating Treasurer in IMRF8/26/2013
2013-019 (PDF)Recognition of WCC Job Fair8/26/2013
2013-018 (PDF)In Support of Grant Related Road Improvement Projects (2013 STP)8/26/2013
2013-017 (PDF)Funding Resolution for Route 31 at Watkins Street7/22/2013
2013-016 (PDF)Include Taxable Allowances as IMRF Earnings7/22/2013
2013-015 (PDF)Resolution of Intent – Orchard Road TIF7/22/2013
2013-014 (PDF)Resolution of Intent Regarding National Flood Insurance7/16/2013
2013-013 (PDF)Auth. To sign Docs for Public Water Supply Loan Program7/16/2013
2013-012 (PDF)Standing Advisory Committees6/24/2013
2013-011 (PDF)Supporting the use of revolving loan funds6/18/2013
2013-010 (PDF)MFT for 2013 – street repairs and salt5/28/2013
2013-009 (PDF)Extension of Time with ICC for Light Road Crossing of BNSF Railroad5/13/2013
2013-008 (PDF)NIMEC Purchase of Electricity for Street Lighting5/13/2013
2013-007 (PDF)Acceptance of Saratoga Springs Basin3/25/2013
2013-006 (PDF)Douglas Avenue LAFO3/25/2013
2013-005 (PDF)Acceptance of Detention Basin in Balmorea Parcel 2 of Unit 13/25/2013
2013-004 (PDF)Retention Bonus Plan3/5/2013
2013-003 (PDF)Authorizing Purchase of Electricity through NIMEC2/25/2013
2013-002 (PDF)Accepting Public Improvements for Fieldstone Place1/28/2013
2013-001 (PDF)Flexible Benefits Plan Amendment1/14/2013
2012-021 (PDF)Authorizing Riverboat Grant Application12/10/2012
2012-020 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Agreements with ICC and to Petition for Funds for Improvements to Light Road Crossing of BNSF Railroad12/10/2012
2012-019 (PDF)Work in IDOT Row12/10/2012
2012-018 (PDF)Blackberry Crossing West Unit 4 Acceptance11/26/2012
2012-017 (PDF)Means of Procurement of goods and services related to the implementation and administration of the CDBG Award. *Expires after 30 months.10/22/2012
2012-016 (PDF)Code of Conduct Regarding Grants *Expires after 30 months10/22/2012
2012-015 (PDF)Protecting Nonviolent Civic Rights Demonstrations *Expires after 30 months10/22/2012
2012-014 (PDF)Lower Fox River Conservation Plan10/22/2012
2012-013 (PDF)2012 MFT Street Maintenance and Salt Purchase7/23/2012
2012-012 (PDF)Blackberry Creek Water shed plan acceptance6/25/2012
2012-011 (PDF)Stationary Food Vendor. Nate'z Dogz.6/25/2012
2012-010 (PDF)Grant for Disaster Relief3/26/2012
2012-009 (PDF)To Execute Illinois Commerce Commission Stipulated Agreement 1640 (Improvements to Light Road Crossing of BNSF Railroad)2/12/2012
2012-008 (PDF)Join Water Sense Program2/12/2012
2012-007 (PDF)Extending Agreement with Kane County for Animal Control for one year2/27/2012
2012-006 (PDF)Supporting Kendall County Community Economic Development Plan2/27/2012
2012-005 (PDF)Pasadena SSA1/23/2012
2012-004 (PDF)Authorizing regarding work in IDOT Right of way1/23/2012
2012-003 (PDF)Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity1/23/2012
2012-002 (PDF)Resolution accepting Blackberry Crossing West Unit 31/23/2012
2012-001 (PDF)Resolution accepting Lot 219 in the Marquis Pointe Subdivision1/23/2012
2011-012 (PDF)Acceptance of Balmorea Units 2 & 310/10/2011
2011-011 (PDF)Fee for Temporary Signs9/26/2011
2011-010 (PDF)Authorizing the Creation of new stationary food vendor License @ Stafford's8/22/2011
2011-009 (PDF)Authorizing Creation of new stationary food vendor License @ Exhaust Works8/22/2011
2011-008 (PDF)Resolution of Default & to Draw on Irrevocable Letter of Credit6/27/2011
2011-007 (PDF)2011 Street Maintence and Salt Purchase6/27/2011
2011-006 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Unit 1 & Detention Basins in Unit 3&4 Balmorea Sub.4/11/2011
2011-005 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Real Estate by the Village of Montgomery4/11/2011
2011-004 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity3/14/2011
2011-003 (PDF)Exercising an Option to Renew for 1 year an Intergovernmental Agreement with the County of Kane for Animal Control Services2/14/2011
2011-002 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of the Dentention Basins in the Marquis Point Subdiv2/14/2011
2011-001 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Units 1 & 4 & Dentention Basins in Foxmoor Subdiv.2/14/2011
2010-028 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Real Estate by Village of Montgomery, Kane & Kendall12/21/2010
2010-027 (PDF)Authorizing the Use of Motor Fuel Tax Funds for the Raymond Drive Project in the amount of $55,000.0011/22/2010
2010-026 (PDF)Authorizing the Use of FY2011 Motor Fuel Tax Funds for Baseline Road Improvement in the amount of $145,000.0011/22/2010
2010-025 (PDF)Authorizing the Use of FY11 MFT Funds Salt Purchase & Storm Damage Cleanup in the amount of $150,00011/22/2010
2010-024 (PDF)To Commit to Participate in the Clean Air Counts Program11/22/2010
2010-023 (PDF)Supplemental Resolution for Maintenance of Streets & Highways by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code9/27/2010
2010-022 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of Goodwin Drive and the Mainline Sanitary and Storm Sewers in Marquis Pointe9/27/2010
2010-021 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of Public Improvements in Blackberry Crossing9/13/2010
2010-020 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of the Stormwater Detention Basin in Orchard Prairie North9/13/2010
2010-019 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of an Easement (Fox River Foods)8/23/2010
2010-018 (PDF)Improvement by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code (Supplemental) for Baseline Road LAPP-Additional Project Closeout Forms7/26/2010
2010-017 (PDF)Improvement by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code (Supplemental) for the Emergency Road Repair in the amount of $191,711.627/26/2010
2010-016 (PDF)Adopting the Kane County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan7/26/2010
2010-015 (PDF)Initiating the Submission of a Public Question to Support Regional Actions to Attain Long-Term Pension Sustainability7/26/2010
2010-014 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of an Easement (McDonalds)6/28/2010
2010-013 (PDF)Setting Fees for the Farmer's Market5/24/2010
2010-012 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity for Street Lighting Purpose4/26/2010
2010-011 (PDF)Declaring a Default by Huntington Chase Limited Partnership and Kimball Hill Inc., for the Development Known as Hungtington Chase Subdivision4/26/2010
2010-010 (PDF)Use of 2010 Motor Fuel Tax for Road Salt Purchase in the amount of $143,193.244/26/2010
2010-009 (PDF)Supplemental Resolution for Use of 2009 Motor Fuel Tax for Road Salt Purchase in the amount of $75,465.744/26/2010
2010-008 (PDF)Amending Resolution 09-014 Authorizing Sale of Surplus Real Estate Pursuant to Article II, Division 76-4.2 of IL Municipal Code for Village of Mont., Kane, & Kendall Counties, IL4/12/2010
2010-007 (PDF)Opposing the Reduction in the Local Government Distributive Fund3/22/2010
2010-006 (PDF)Supporting the Creation of the Northwest Water Planning Area by Intergovernmental Agreement3/22/2010
2010-005 (PDF)Use of Motor Fuel Tax Funds for the Lakewood Creek Drive Local Agency Pavement Preservation (LAAP) Design Engineering Services3/8/2010
2010-004 (PDF)Resetting Fees to be Charged by the Community Development Department2/22/2010
2010-003 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of Public Improvements in Blackberry Crossing West Units 1&22/8/2010
2010-002 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity1/25/2010
2010-001 (PDF)Authorization to Withdraw from Northern Illinois Municipal Natural Gas Consortium1/25/2010

For resolutions prior to 2010, please contact Deputy Clerk Debbie Buchanan at (630) 896-8080 ext. 9003 or Email.