Private Property Traffic Enforcement Agreement

In order for the Police Department to enforce general parking and traffic regulations on private property, there must be a Private Property Traffic Enforcement Agreement in place with the Village of Montgomery. Absent such an agreement, the Village’s Police Department can only enforce Handicapped Parking, Fire Lane, and Expired Registration violations. 

The following steps must be taken if you are interested in entering into such an agreement with the Village:

1. Complete the Private Property Traffic Enforcement Agreement.

2.  Attach a legal description of the property to the agreement.

3.  Return documents and a check made out to the Village of Montgomery in the amount of $[$47.00 in  Kane, $49.00 in Kendall County] to cover the recording fee to the Village Police Department.

4. Once the documents and fee have been tendered to the Village Police Department, they will be sent to the applicable County for recording.  

5. Upon recording with the County, the property owner will receive a copy of the executed agreement.

6. Three days following its recording, the Agreement may be enforced by the Village’s Police Department.

Please note that the cost of planning, installation and maintenance of parking and traffic regulations, markings, signs, striping and painting shall be borne by the property owner.

If you have any further questions, you may contact the following individuals:

Senior Planner Jerad Chipman              (331) 212-9022              

Deputy Chief Armando Sanders            (331) 212-9052