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Posted on: December 16, 2021

Montgomery Moves to Monthly Utility Billing in 2022

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Montgomery, IL – Streamline Montgomery, the long-range water sustainability plan of action, and three-phase approach the Village of Montgomery rolled out this fall, including water meter replacement, monthly water billing, and alternate water source selection is in full gear. Beginning January 1, 2022, Village utility users will start receiving monthly statements due on the 20th of each month moving forward. 

The Montgomery Public Works and Water Utility Billing teams have been working hard to increase accuracy further and reduce water waste. Water waste or water loss is often due to aging infrastructure or pipes, system leaks, or household plumbing issues. In the first phase of Streamline Montgomery, the team has committed to water meter installation throughout the service area and the Village at no additional cost to the customer. The program, which began in early December of this year, utilizes contracted partner United Meters, Inc. (UMI) to replace 1,200 meters in the Village before April 2022. The Village Public Works Department will install an additional 500 in the same time frame. The three subsequent years will include another 4,400 new meters to update all water meter technology before the spring of 2025.

The second phase in the Streamline Montgomery plan of action includes moving to a monthly billing cycle for Village of Montgomery water customers on January 1, 2022. The addition of new meter technology and monthly water billing will allow the Village to better track consumption and give homeowners greater insight into their water use down to the gallon. In addition, the water billing process is most often how residents become aware of household water leaks or pipe issues which often contribute to higher water bills.

The third phase of Streamline Montgomery includes a decision on the future alternate water source from its current deep sandstone aquifer source, which is facing a long-term sustainability issue with declining water levels. At the Monday, December 13 Village of Montgomery board meeting, the Trustees unanimously voted to move forward with Lake Michigan water sourcing through the DuPage Water Commission, partnering in the endeavor with Oswego and Yorkville. Even though the Village is not at immediate risk of the deep-water wells drying up, it is on the horizon in most of the resident's lifetime. The Illinois State Water Survey predicts wells in our area will be at risk of well inoperability by 2050. 

"The goal is a safe, reliable water source for generations to come, and it is important to the Village to provide for transparency, resident education, and community feedback throughout the subsequent phases of this process," says Montgomery Public Works Director Mark Wolf. In addition, the Village is using the campaign to promote transparency and best educate residents and Village water users (Boulder Hill residents) on the changes and improvements coming to the utility water services provided by the Village. 

The Village encourages residents to stay updated on the Village Website ( and social media (@MontgomeryIL) for residents wishing to learn more about the project. Additionally, Village officials strongly urge Montgomery water customers to read the information included with their water utility bills emailed or mailed to customers based on their preferred form of communication at or around the 1st of each month. 

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