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How do I contact animal control?
The Village of Montgomery is located in Kane and Kendall counties. If you reside in the Kendall portion, contact Kendall County Animal Control at (630) 553-9256.
If you reside in the Kane portion, contact Kane County Animal Control at (630) 232-3555.

**Please understand for calls such as loose dogs or animal investigations within the Village of Montgomery, the Montgomery Police Department should be contacted at (630) 553-0554 for a police response. The county animal control officers do not come out and investigate loose dogs or pick up animals within our Village limits.***

For wildlife and/or birds:

Fox Valley Wildlife in Elburn 630-365-3800

Prairie State Wildlife 630-687-3414

Chicago answering and dispatching for Bird Rescues (Closest to us is one in North Aurora) 773-988-1867


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