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  1. Beautification Committee Holiday Decorations Contest
  2. Family Certificate Program

    The Village of Montgomery’s Historic Preservation Commission is offering certificates to descendants of early Montgomery families.... More…

  3. Group Village Hall Tour

    We have several opportunities available for scout groups to visit the Village Hall and fulfill requirements to earn badges. We can... More…

  4. Volunteer Interest Form
  1. Boards, Commissions and Committees Interest Form
  2. Festival of Trees

    This is a FREE community event. Hundreds of residents attend every year, we had a great turn out last year and we are excited do this... More…

  3. Senior Luncheon RSVP

    NOVEMBER 12 - Senior Luncheon will be at Riverview Diner, 1420 SE River Rd Montgomery.

Village Clerk

  1. "Do Not Solicit" Registry

    Residents who post a "Do Not Solicit" or similar sign at their residence may also elect to be placed on a list of addresses that do not... More…

  2. Multi-Purpose Room Reservation Application Form
  1. Block Party Permit